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Go shopping in your favorite stores without forgetting something

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UpdatedApr 06, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Are you looking for a fast-to-use and nice shopping list?
Easy creation thanks to voice input and no more paper chaos?
With this free shopping list, you can easily organize your purchases.
Ideal for the next party or a low carb diet plan.

High usability
The clear and easy-to-use shopping list keeps you always in the picture. Easily add new articles via the integrated speech recognition.
Save on typing by simply creating lists by tagging each item.

Never forget shopping again. The app reminds you once or weekly of your purchase.

Sort your food by categories. So, in front of a department, you have all the necessary food at a glance.

Never forget a purchase again. Let your shopping lists remind you once or weekly..

Add prices for each item individually for each store. You can create prices individually or by quantity.

Shopping mode
Go shopping and keep track. Stress-free shopping without pressing on a wrong item. This mode removes any unneeded items and puts the app in full screen mode.

Smartwatch support
Do not feel like constantly carrying the smartphone around? No problem, with our Android Wear app you can go shopping without having to use the smartphone. You see all your shopping lists and you can also sort your items by categories. (Only works in connection with the smartphone app)

   + No ads
   + Highlight categories (tap a category to mark as purchased / not purchased)
   + Reminders of stores (The app reminds you to shop when you are near a store)
   + Favorites Articles (articles marked as favorites are added automatically when creating a shopping list)
   + Increments of units (Create increments of units to always find the cheapest store. For example, if you have an item with the amount of kilograms and a price per 100 grams, you can specify kilograms as the increment of grams with the factor 1000. This will continue to charge the price to the quantity.)

Additional Features
+ Create shopping lists
+ Edit, rename and delete your shopping lists
+ Create your items (voice input)
+ Edit, rename and delete your items
+ Adding quantities
+ Add prices
+ Print your shopping lists
+ Send your shopping lists to your friends
+ Easy import of a received list by opening the file
+ Much more

Email: community@forcent.net

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