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NameShopping List Pro APK
Version5.5 (10)
UpdatedDec 12, 2018
DeveloperTechnix India Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
CategoryApps, Shopping

Shopping List Pro App

Shopping List Pro is a handy tool to keep track of your grocery shopping needs.

Shopping List Pro is a handy tool that helps you make a shopping list and track what is shopped and what is left out in a very simple way.

There are 2 tabs in this application,
i) Custom or Multiple List
ii) Shopping List

The Custom list is where you can create multiple lists according to your need.

When you want to go shopping, browse through the Item List and select all the items you want to shop and those items will start appearing on your "Shopping List".

While shopping, you will be on the Shopping List tab and you will see only those items that you selected from the Item List. As soon as you place an item in your shopping basket/kart/trolley you can tap on that item and the item gets stroked off, denoting you have already picked up that item and placed it in your bag/kart.

There is a "Delete Shopped Item" button on the bottom of the Shopping List tab. On clicking this button, the items that are stroked off will disappear from the shopping list, making it clean with only those items that you still need to shop.

This is a fantastic easy to use tool that everyone needs, especially for the Grocery Shopping.

Key Features of Shopping List Pro:
• Shopping List Pro is more advanced and easy to use.
• You can create Multiple List according to your need with your favourites colour.
• Easily share lists and collaborate with family, friends and colleagues
• You can directly Import Items from csv.
• Product Categorization under Master List.
• Users can mention Item pricing with quantity.
• Lastly Free from annoying ads.

If you want anything to improve or changes, please, let us know! New reviews and support emails are really helpful to make our app better and smarter! Contact us via feedback option in Shopping List App.

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