ShortTooth: Bluetooth device shortcuts and tiles APK

Single-click shortcuts and tiles to connect to any Bluetooth device (Trial)

Version3.0.4 (30400)
UpdatedAug 28, 2020 (2 months ago)
DeveloperUp Bear Enterprises
CategoryApps, Tools

Create customized single-click shortcuts to connect to any paired Bluetooth device

14 day free trial. To continue using after the trial, purchase, or uninstall then reinstall. After reinstall, configurations and shortcuts may need to be recreated.

* Device specific. Create shortcuts to any of your paired Bluetooth devices
* Configure shortcut as toggle, connect, or disconnect
* Quick settings tiles for up to 7 shortcuts
* Choose icons for each shortcut (and corresponding tile)
* Activate a configuration using Voice Search: "Ok Google, search for Onyx connect on short tooth". The English prepositions "from", "to", and "in" are ignored. [2019-11-10 No longer works from "Hey, Google", but does work from search bar microphone]

Permissions required:
* Pair with Bluetooth devices: Required for Bluetooth discovery/connect/disconnect.
* Access Bluetooth settings: Required for Bluetooth discovery/connect/disconnect.
* Install shortcuts: Required to create shortcuts

* Precise location (GPS and network-based): Removed in 1.1.1.

The "Info" page shows the number of shortcut uses by active shortcut name on newer versions of Android. This information is collected from the Android O/S tracking of shortcut uses and covers about the last 8 days (this may vary by phone manufacturer). It is not tracked separately from the O/S, is not stored, and is not transmitted off the device.

Caveat emptor: This app uses internal APIs for connecting and disconnecting. As of Android 9 Pie, these APIs are light-gray listed (as opposed to black listed and marked for removal), but they could be removed at some later date without replacement. Please keep this in mind and enjoy using the app while these APIs are available.

What's New

* #365: Notify about trial less frequently

Email: support@up-bear.net

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