Siddur (Nusach Chabad) APK

Siddur according to Nusach Chabad

Version0.9.8 (35)
UpdatedJun 11, 2020 (5 months ago)
DeveloperYeshayohu Zirkind
CategoryApps, Books & Reference

Text-based Siddur, allowing you to change the font size as you wish.

Additional features:
- Multiple color schemes, including night-mode
- Keyboard navigation
- Calendrical based display of special prayers

Currently includes texts for:

- Shacharis
- Tefilas Haderech
- Birkas Hamazon
- Minchah
- Ma'ariv
- Havdalah
- Kiddush Levanah
- Krias Shema She'al Hamitah
- Halel/Musaf for Rosh Chodesh & Chol HaMoed
- Nassi & Sefiras HaOmer
- Chanukah
- Purim

Additional texts will be added when I have prepared them.

Additional features/changes are planned for the future, when I find the time to implement them. Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions.

What's New

Show LeDavid by Mincha during Elul & Tishrei
Fix Ya'aleh V'yavo not showing on second night of Rosh Chodesh
Stability fixes

Email: siddur@yzirkind.net

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