Side Protect: Auto Touch Guard APK

Studies show that 37% of breakups are caused by accidental fb likes.

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UpdatedDec 08, 2017 (3 years ago)
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Side Protect is an auto screen touch guard which prevents accidental touches. Useful for the latest edge to edge flagships.

First world problem:

1) Bought that latest, bezel-less phone.
2) Sides of your palm and fingers keep touching the sides of the screen accidentally.


To avoid unwanted surprises, USE PROTECTION!

Table Mode
Activates when your phone is on the table, preventing unwanted touches when you pick it up. No more accidentally liking your ex's fb post from 8 years ago. What is liked cannot be unliked.

Pocket Mode
Activates when your phone is in your pocket, preventing unwanted touches when you take it out. No more accidentally triggering the Camera when you pull out your phone.

Movement Mode
Triggered by movement, for example when you pass your phone to a friend. No more accidental touches when you show your friend that latest insta pic. Because you can blame your friend but it's your account that has liked the pic.

Adjust the width of the border, colors and patterns to protect in style.

Some phones automatically kill Side Protect after a long period of inactivity, for example when the phone is idle during the night. To avoid this, exclude Side Protect from 'Apps with power saving' in your phone' battery options. Side Protect only runs when the screen is on, so there is no impact to your battery.

What's New

You can now set the transparency of the color

Email: talk.to.chatpp@gmail.com

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