Signature Maker is a complete signature creator and manager for sign documents


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Apr 8, 2022
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Digitize your signature

The hard work of printing the document, signing and scaning it has finished. You just have to download Signature Maker.


• Sign documents 🖋️
• Millions of Colors 🖋️
• Different types of strokes🖋️
• Custom background 🎨
• Save your signatures 💿
• Send or delete any signature 📧
• Share Signature 📧
• Custom path 🔨
• You can disable ads totally free 💪
• Friendly UI 😍
• Responsive (Adapted for tablets) 😍
• Free 😍
• Open source 😍

How is it working?

❶ Choose the colour.
❷ Choose the stroke.
❸ Sign with your finger or stylus.
❹ Save and send it to anywhere (Drive, Dropbox,Telegram, Whatsapp, Gmail, Hangouts etc.)


You just need to download your digital signature and attach it to the file (Pdf, Word etc...)

Signature Maker is a complete signature creator and manager, it takes your signature and save it in a transparent image ready to add it to any digital file.

Make your own stylus


❶ A pencil.
❷ Aluminum foil.


Cover the pencil with aluminum foil in order to create contact between the finger, the pencil and the screen.

Here we have the new versión of the best app about signatures: SIGNATURE MAKER! It has a completely new design. We have taken into account your suggestions and we have introduced some options that you told us. The application is now open source with licence GNU GPL V3.0. What are you waiting for donwloading the new version? Signature maker is clean and totally free.

Signature Maker is an open-source application totally free, which is located un github with licence GNU GPL V3.0
If you are interested in the project, you can visit this link:
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