Access point for Motor, Fire, TPL and C. Earthquake policies and claims details.


Latest Version

Sep 29, 2023

App APKs

Sigortam Cepte APP

By using the application of ‘Sigortam Cepte’,
- You can search your policy and view your payment details.
- You can search your claim’s status and find contact information of the appraiser, service and claim payment details.
- You can access the information of the closest agency and see the location of agency on the map or by using augmented reality.
- You can list the contractual hospitals and pharmacies addresses.
- When an emergent event occurs, you can call the related emergency number or decide what to do using the “accident guide”.
- You can call the towing service to your location by using GPS.
- You can send your opinions and suggestions to Anadolu Sigorta using the communication form.
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