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UpdatedJul 30, 2021
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Simple Crypto: Master Bitcoin app

Learn everything about cryptocurrency.

Are you curious about bitcoin? Why this technology is so valuable? Should you invest?

We offer years of carefully researched content to help you learn everything you need to start your bitcoin journey.

Enjoy the learning by reading bite-sized lessons followed by review questions. No prior experience is needed.

But even for experienced crypto enthusiasts, Simple Crypto is an invaluable resource: Advanced topics such as money creation or blockchain technology are explained in detail.


We focus on the most important things. All topics are presented in an easy-to-read swipe format.

Simple Crypto is designed to teach you sound knowledge in a very short time. After completion, you will receive your bitcoin certificate.

Test your acquired knowledge in interactive tests and intermediate questions. This allows you to better memorize your expertise.

Wallets? Cryptography? Find the most important terms about money and bitcoin in your Bitcoin-Glossary.

Find a smart solution to invest in bitcoin based on your acquired knowledge. We consult you in the choice of your wallet and a reputable company.

Learn more about alternative cryptocurrencies such as Monero or Ethereum.

Other topics covered in Simple Crypto are;
History of Money, Functions of Money, Hard Money, Stock-to-Flow, Money Creation, Digital Hard Money, Blockchain, Mining, Wallets, Private Key, Public Key, Addresses, Limits of Technology, Altcoins, Central Bank, Halving, Financial Sovereignty, Hardware Wallet, Ledger, DLT, Financial Technology, Lightning (available soon)

The most important Simple Crypto functions at a glance:
* Essential information about bitcoin in one app
* Quizzes and interludes to consolidate your knowledge
* Cross-thematic insights into the world of cryptocurrency
* Comparison of different companies

Questions answered in Simple Crypto;
“How is money created?“
“What is the role of the central bank?“
“What is the difference between easy and sound money?“
“What is bitcoin?”
“Why use bitcoin?”
“How can I buy bitcoins?”
“How to store your bitcoins?”
“How to sell bitcoins?”
“Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?”
“How bitcoin mining works”
“What is Blockchain technology?”
“How does Blockchain technology work?”
“What can a Blockchain do?”
“What is a Distributed Ledger?”
“What is the difference between a Blockchain and a Database?”
“How could Blockchain Technology change finance?”
“What are Blockchain’s Issues and limitations?”
“Why use a Blockchain?”
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