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Currently, we have a wide range of products and techniques intended for nail decoration. While some of these methods are better done by professionals, there is a lot to try at home as well. One of the newest arrivals, the art of marble nails is one of the techniques that can be done at home.

What is Water Marble Nail Art?
Whereas nail art is better done by professionals, marbling is something that can be tried at home. Marbling is a technique of making designs and patterns with paint floating in water or other solutions (referred to as 'size'). The design is moved to another surface by placing the object gently at the top of the solution. They can be paper (marble) or cloth (marble) or even ceramics and plastics. This method is also used in nails. While water is commonly used for this purpose, some people make marble nail design without water. The latter method requires more skill. Marquing water spikes are not a difficult task, though they can get a bit messy.
requirements of marble nail art
All you have to do is add a few drops of nail polish (different colors) into the water stored in the bowl. Create a pattern with a needle / toothpick and place your nails on a pattern (formed on the water). The design will stick to your nails, and this is called the nail art of water marbles. To begin, collect the required materials listed below.

Things you need
1. Nail polish with different color (minimum two required)
2. Mouthwatch bowl (big enough to dip your finger)
3. Sate / orange stick / pin / needle (may use marbling tool too)
4. Oil jam or scotch (to cover the skin around the nail)
5. Top coat, acetone and Q-tip
6. A little warm water (filtered or distilled)

How to Conduct Water Marble Nail Art With Water
Before starting with the procedure, prepare your nails. Apply a base coat that matches the colors intended for marble. If you use light shades, go to a lighter base mantle. Collect the required materials and follow the tips given below.
Cover the skin around the nail with masking tape. This prevents sticking nail polish on the skin (around the nail), when you place the nails on the design. Alternatively, you can use petroleum jelly on the skin. As soon as nail art work
Now, take water in a bowl big enough to hold your fingers. Make sure that the water level is just below the edge of the bowl, so as not to spill, as you dip your finger.
Keep nail polish bottles with loose eyelids. It's always better to use a new one that is easy to flow, with a dilute consistency. Choose a location with less air movement, because nail polish can dry easily.
Now, add 2 drops of nail polish (single shade) on the water surface in the bowl. You should put the nail polish gently on the surface, without touching the water. If you drop the nail polish strongly (or away from the water surface), this droplet can sink or form an air bubble that can impede the procedure.
Drops of nail polish added to the center of the water surface will spread to form a thin film. Now, add one drop of the other nail polish color in the middle of the formation. Keep adding other shades drop by drop, until the film forms a concentric circle (each drop will spread to form a movie in the previous movie). You can use two different colors or colors, in the order you like.
Step 2 - add 2a nail polish drops - add fewer nail polish drops 2b - add more nail drops

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