Simple Percentage Calculator APK

Simple Percentage Calculator lets you calculate 9 values in single screen

Version1.0.22 (1000022)
UpdatedNov 02, 2017 (3 years ago)
CategoryApps, Tools

In the Simple Percentage Calculator you need to type only two numbers to calculate nine values.
Calculator quickly gives you answer to all questions.
This is only one screen app with all the answers.
Quick and easy.

You can calculate
1. Percent X of the given number Y
2. What percentage of the number X is the number Y
3. How much % is the number X from the number Y
4. The number X increased by Y%
5. The number X decreased by Y%
6. About what percentage the number increased when it was X and now it is Y
7. Fraction X/Y
8. X% increased by Y%
9. X% decreased by Y%.

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