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Sinaptik is brain game, designed for improving cognitive competences of users.

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UpdatedAug 02, 2016 (4 years ago)
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Sinaptik is brain-training game focusing on personal performance, which is developed by Moralabs.

It is designed with innovative structure for improving cognitive competences of users through challenging and joyful games and workouts. It is consisted of game sets, which help train your brain in 5 different scopes. This training game sets improve your mental skills based upon memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving. Sinaptik includes 10 different games under these 5 categories, which are Fruit Tab, Year 3015, Vikings, Secret of Maya, Terrible Mole, Ninja House, Lost Harbor, Santa Claus, Crazy Inventor, Fast, and Roman.


You can sign in with Facebook and play with your friends. There is also Leaderboard in Sinaptik. You can follow both your own performance rank and the others.

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You can be VIP member by purchasing for Sinaptik VIP packages. As a VIP, you can access all games and also you can track your performance time by time.


Sinaptik was developed as research and development project and we worked with scientist and academician to build powerful scientific background for the game. Initial objective of this project is increasing the cognitive vitality level through workouts. For determination of development on cognitive vitality level, it should be considered if there are any significant changes in executive functions of user before and after workouts. In accordance with this purpose, some control groups were constituted and certain tests are made in labs in order to measure if these workouts are adequate or not for having any effect on cognitive abilities. Users played games daily during 3 weeks. For reaching an accurate result, every user played each game for once in a day. Under these equal conditions, an accurate and successful result was reached at the end of 3 weeks. After these tests, an improvement was monitored on %83 of users. In order to find out if there was a significant improvement between results before training and results after training in control groups, t-test were made. In a consequence of t-test, it was proved that there was a significant improvement between them.


Sinaptik was born out of a desire to ensure health improvement and spending a quality time with challenging, joyful and beneficial games. Our prior goal is make you use your potential, helping you improve your cognitive skills in a entertaining way with variable games.

Let us train your mind and enjoy Sinaptik!

What's New

Hello Sinaptik Lovers, We have set several improvements through your wishes,

1. Challenge ON. You can now compare your scores with your FRIENDS.

2. We have added Leaderboards to each Game! Wow!
You can compare yourself with others in your favourite games.

3. We have added 72 Hour Limited Offer, You don't wanna miss that!

4. We have fixed some small bugs that disturb you.

Thank you for Playing Sinaptik, Don't forget to get in touch with us,

Email: info@moralabs.com

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