Siren : LOUD Alarm Horn for Bicycle & Scooter APK

+500 Alarms, Horns and Sirens Sounds for Scooters and Bycicles

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UpdatedMay 10, 2020 (7 months ago)
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Buzzer Siren, your perfect partner for a fun and safe journey.

EV Buzzer, horns and sirens to accompany you on your scooter, citibike or electric motorcycle.
Make sure pedestrians hear you coming around the corner with your e-scooter that sounds like a loud Harley Davidson

Download free cycling app and gain access to tones, music, buzzer sounds, tones, sound effects, siren, alarm & horn sounds in just 2 clicks.
- Preview and select your Buzz
- Create and store you own Buzzlist
- Adjusted to speed
- Every day a new Buzz
- Unlimited use of your selection
- Top 30 of the week
- Participate on the poll for new sounds
In your car, just add a Bluetooth speaker and enjoy this instrument sound app.

Make sure every journey is a bicycle travel you won’t forget
Whether you’re getting to work on your citibike, or e-scooter in NYC bike map or any other city use this instrument sound app.
Enjoy a leisurely bicycle travel around San Francisco or even bicycling while going to the beach in LA just make some noise with our App
Sound your air horn when using this free cycling app.
Although not being a bicycle route navigator, this is one biking app you won’t want to miss out on.
Surprise your friends with a horn sound. Show them the weird noises they’re missing when they are on their citibikes.

Buzzer Siren offers unlimited fun with over 500+ with a wide variety of sound effects.
From nature sounds to video game music, from rap to indie, experience a journey through space with some metal, or even classical music as your soundtrack.
Have a funny ride and make people take a second look, just make use of the siren, alarm & horn sounds like an explosion or a police siren or even a horn sound that this biking app provides.
Buzzer Siren allows you to take a bicycle travel or an e-scooter ride to anywhere safely and with a lot of fun.
Sound effects provided by this app can help entertain the younger ones in your family, it’s not just a free cycling app it’s an experience in the form of a simple, easy to use buzzer sound app

Buzzer Siren offers a big array of sounds, like buzzer sounds, sirens, music, sounds effects, tones, and alarms. Every person will find a sound to their own liking and lifestyle, all split in 4 categories:
Nature (waves, wind, …)
Motor (Ferrari, freightliner, …)
Music (new age, lounge, latin, folk, …)
Weird (robot voice, scary, …)

Don’t miss out on exclusive sound effects. For 1$ per month you have full access to every Buzz with no ads.
- Scooter, e-scooter, lime scooter, bird scooter, bolt, wind, flash, jump;
- Bike, mountain bike, electric bike, mobike, jump bicycles;
- Electric motorcycles.

With Buzzer Siren your travels become more secure, fun and memorable.

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