Track Your Fast - Intermittent Fasting Timer!

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Whether you've been Intermittent Fasting or just getting started on your journey, TrackYourFast helps you track your fasted periods, so that you can maximize fat loss by improving your consistency.

TrackYourFast comes with a handy notification widget so you can check your progress without having to unlock your phone!

Made popular by the Hodge Twins, Greg from Kinobody.com, Martin from leangains.com and more recently the 5: 2 diet, Intermittent Fasting protocols can be used to maximize fat loss, lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure and even prolong your life.

*** Update
- Just added handy weight tracking stats as featured in the Pro app
- Shows start weight, current weight, target weight, lost so far
- This feature displays a free version
Interval Timer is simple and easy to use. Full screen color coding makes the minimalistic interface glanceable from afar.
Suitable for all kinds of activities, including:
- Boxing round timer
- Calisthenics circuit timer
- Circuit training
- HIIT training
- Tabata
The Tabata method:
It's hard to make it simpler ! The protocol of the method is an alternation of efforts of 20 seconds with high intensity coupled with recoveries of 10 seconds, all repeated 8 times or 4 minutes in total.

As the Tabata method is a matter of timing, you will need to get a stopwatch. You can set it to do any type of workout including workouts.

the Tabata Timer: easy to use application


+ Configurable preparation, workout and rest durations.
+ Configurable number of cycles and sets.
+ Clear time display.
+ Multiple display colors.
+ Customizable background music.
+ Record your daily workout history.
+ Notes for your next exercise.
+ Record your weight.
The Runtastic Timer app is the sports timer that allows you to organize your sports, fitness, HIIT, Tabata and bodybuilding sessions. With voice feedback, stopwatch and alarms, you can create your own sports intervals and split exercises over time. It's practical, simple and efficient - enough to have perfect timing every day!

The Timer app is much more than a stopwatch or a countdown timer. Whether it's for your HIIT, tabata, interval training or home weight training, this app is for you! You can set up as many timers as you want on your smartphone, save them in the settings and use them again and again. You can define your training intervals (exercises, recovery, series, repetitions) and thus build personalized and unique workouts!


-To personalize your timer in different phases:
* Rehearsals
* Series
- Voice feedback: no need to watch constantly on your smartphone or your watch
-Create an infinite number of timers, save them and use them as many times as you like
-Determine sets of training and rest periods, and how often do you want to repeat them
-Displays both the total time and the remaining time

Use our Timer app and stopwatch when you train with weights, kettlebells, spinning bikes or other fitness and weight training activities. The Runtastic Timer app is the appropriate timer for HIITs, tabata, interval workouts or circuits.

The countdown has begun ! Download the Runtastic Timer application today and enjoy unique timing during your physical and sporting activities as well as for your everyday life!
Join over 25 million people who use RunKeeper and make their phone a personal pocket coach! With the GPS function of your Android phone, follow your running, walking, cycling, mountain biking or hiking routes.

Follow your sports activities while having fun.
- See detailed statistics on your pace, distance, time and calories burned.
- Use your headphones to get statistics, tips and information on your progress through sound signals.
- Listen and manage your music during your session.
- Measure your heart rate with multiple sensors (appropriate heart activity levels vary with weight).

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