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Become the roller skating dance star of your city. Play with friends & have fun.

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Skateboard skating dance star girl is a free skater game for girls. Roller skating and roller blading is a fun activity and a great form of exercise. You need to learn the fundamentals of roller blading or inline skating tips to take your skills of roller skater on next level. First of all, put on your skating equipment, most important equipment is roller skate, you can buy pair from a sports shop. A helmet, knee pads and wrist guard is also important for safety reasons. Now you need to walk like a duck, assume the right posture, with your heals together.

Get a board which suits your interest, like longboards, skateboard and custom boards as well. Make sure your skate board is setup properly specially for the beginners. Get a pair of good skate shoes as well. Always wear a protective gear and helmet and find a good place for skate. First of all try standing on the board with out falling.There are different techniques like regular foot, goofy foot and mongo foot. Now shift on to the riding position and learn to turn. You can skate with the other skaters and can watch the lot of skating videos.

**** Features ****

* Get ready for the skateboard girls competition in this girls game
* There is photo booth for skateboard girl to show the performance
* Let’s give an amazing makeup to the skater girl
* Skater girl is curious for the perfect dress up for the skating competition
* Easy to play and smooth touch with high quality designs
* It is the free skateboard skating dance game for girls
* Play the skateboard skating game with your friends and family

For the skateboard beginners and learners there are some best practice tricks like shove-it , ollie, grinding and kick flip. Give yourself another push when you think is slow down. beginner skateboard riders need to flex the ankles and shift weight to turn. If you want to stop, put your foot down. Even the skaters need to learn that how to fall properly. Roll out anytime when you fall. If you see something bad then bail out.

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