Skateboarding Pro - Yolo! for Skaters who like the thrill of insane stunts.


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Sep 20, 2016
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Skateboarding Pro - Yolo GAME

Yolo and happy go lucky. Life is short, better spend most of it on a board, right? If skateboarding is in your blood, then put away your skateboard and sit down for this one of a kind skateboarding game. You have never played anything like this before.You can bet your skate trucks on that!

Did you know that skateboarding was invented by bored surfers? You do now! At first they put some wheels on wooden boxes. Can you imagine? These days you can build your own custom board with trunks, rails, wheels and awesome painted decks.

Alright, so what’s this game about? Simply put: get your skater (unlock them all!) from point A to point B without crashing, dashing, slamming or ramming into objects. However! You get more points when you complete courses in style. Tail grabs, methods, nose grabs and 360’s will earn you extra points.

So, this all sounds amazing and what not, but please tell us how does one play this game?! Well, that’s actually quite simple, honestly. Follow these steps and you will be able to complete all 75 levels.
1. Tap to jump, for points
2. Slide mid-air to perform insane stunts, for points
3. Hold to duck, to stay alive

If that’s not cool enough for you, we also offer some top notch achievements, like dying 5, 15 or even 50 times! There’s also a reward for performing jumps. If that doesn’t keep you motivated, I don’t know what will!

All this goodness is covered in a juicy, lean back skating saus. Relaxing vibes in the background and a sketchy look and feel will enhance your boarding experience.

It’s about the Yolo (You only life once). Stunts are for adrenaline junkies who want to feel the thrill of jumping over a ice cream cart or sliding under a container. Just like real skating, this free skateboarding game is all about falling on your face and getting back up again. Nobody became a pro by just ‘doing it once’. You have to put some effort into your moves. A badly timed move will hurt, every guy knows that! But there’s no time feel sorry. Get back on that horse. I mean board. And try some new insane stunts.

Make your surfing ancestors proud and impress your friends. Surfers came up with skateboarding when there were no waves. We came up with Skateboarding Pro: Yolo! for those times when it’s snowing, raining or just too hot to bust a move.

Alright, i bet you are all very impressed and can’t wait to try the game out yourselves. Yolo!

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