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Jan 8, 2024
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Skiff Pages - Secure notes APP

Skiff Pages is a fast, secure, and powerful platform for writing notes, sharing files, and collaborating in real-time. Write daily notes, publish wikis, or upload files on Skiff’s end-to-end encrypted, private, and decentralized collaboration platform.

10 GB free storage
- Write notes, upload documents, and share files with total convenience
- With 10 GB free, don't worry about any storage quotas

Fully private and end-to-end encrypted
- Every single note, file, and folder is kept completely private only to you, including all metadata
- Read more on our security at

Easy-to-use and convenient
- Collaborate instantly around the world with real-time collaboration and cursors
- Share notes publicly with viewable or editable links that can be used in any browser

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