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A mock interview platform with peer & expert review to help land your dream job.

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Skill Prodigy is the first of its kind Android-based multi-feature mock-interview app that provides you with the confidence and expertise you need to land your dream job.
Whether you need help to enhance your communication or your interview skills, boost your knowledge, or build confidence, Skill Prodigy has a multitude of features and tools to equip you with the skills required to ace that interview.
It’s basically a simple principle at work – if you know what you’re talking about, you’ll talk about it better!
Features like Question Bank, Mock Interviews, Peer Feedback, and Mentor Feedback are sure to help you shine and make a mark over and above the competition.

Benefits with Skill Prodigy -
• SAMPLE ANSWERS - Practice answers to the Potential Interview Questions
• SOCIAL COMMUNITY - Improve Communication Skills by Connecting With Peers 
• PEER LEARNING – Give advice, exchange tips, and share knowledge, as you learn from each other in the community
• INDUSTRY INSIGHTS - Learn New Tips and Seek Expert Guidance From Industry Professionals 
• PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT - Build Confidence and Improve Your Personality
• QUESTION BANK - Insight into potential interview questions
• MENTOR PROGRAMME - Connect with Renowned Industry experts and have them evaluate your responses to interview questions.
• KNOWLEDGE ENHANCEMENT - Exchange notes and advice with peers/Increase your Knowledge by sharing with others
• LEARNING PLATFORM - Inclusive and self-paced learning opportunity
Considering our diverse range of experience and expertise, we are equipped to guide and mentor you to becoming the best candidate your dream company needs you to be. While you may have the required technical knowledge, it is the communication skills that most of us struggle with. With the hectic pace of life and work, we need just the right information in the right doses to help solve the particular challenges specific to each individual.
Skill Prodigy does exactly that – teach you how to be self-assured by giving you the tools you need to express your abilities and achievements with enthusiasm and confidence.
We help you hone the language of leadership!

Select a question from the bank of questions, record a sample answer and upload the audio and/or video for evaluation from your peers and industry specialists.
Watch and learn from hundreds of other responses, improve or adapt your answers as per your choice, and practice until you are able to formulate the perfect answer, complete with appropriate body language and social intelligence. Additionally, you can also help your fellow users by watching and/or listening to their responses and providing them feedback. This exchange of ideas and feedback works doubly effective in improving your own knowledge and communication skills.
Here’s a step by step breakdown of what you need to do –
1. Download the app & Register
2. Select the question you want to be evaluated.
3. Record your answer (you can opt for either the Audio or Video format)
4. Upload answer
5. Receive & provide feedback
Whether you are a fresher, a post-graduate, or an experienced professional looking for a change, Skill Prodigy will ensure that you are brilliant not just technically but also communicatively.
See your professional network and references grow as you provide, and receive, feedback and recommendations from other Skill Prodigy users.

Email: contact@skillprodigy.com

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