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Collection of new livery bussid 2019 and bus shd k410ib bussid mod best version

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Bussid HD Skin 🚌
This application will take you to try out a large collection of our updated version of the bussid skin with its newest livery, like the suites class that you can play for bussid v3.2. You can get bussid offline livery for free and easily in taking full HD bussid skin. We added Bussid HD skin livery for Busser Sleeper class and Premium interior class like being on an airplane.

We, the system provide official Bussid livery for you to enjoy and can share the Bussid HD v2 Livery link so that we can together get the most complete and updated 2019 Bussid skin. Do not forget we also provide mod skin livery bussid jb3 K410iB with many variants for you to choose at will.

Please download our other application that provides Bussid Bimasena sdd skin and Bussid Bimasena sdd skin in another application menu. Continue to install this application because there will be updates and additions to cool livery bussid collections such as livery bussid jet bus 3+ and livery bussid ambulance with unique and antique livery collections such as bussid jetbus 2 skins.

What's New

- Improved download link

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