Skin Stealer for Minecraft APK

Skin Stealer for Minecraft


Download Minecraft PC skins, apply to your Minecraft character


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Jan 1, 2021
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Skin Stealer for Minecraft App

Download your favourite Minecraft skins from PC version to your Minecraft for Android.

1. Randomize your skin from top Minecrafters
- Tap 'Random' button on the top bar
- Get new Minecraft username every time

2. Preview every skin in all 4 sides, with overlays
- Tap the character to rotate
- Decide if this is the best one for you

3. Apply to your Minecraft skin
- Type your Minecraft PC usernames in the search field
- Tap 'Download' button
- Go to Minecraft for Android
- Type Profile > Edit Character > Owned > Import > Choose New Skin
- Browse your skin in Download folder
- Choose skin type
- Play with your friends with a new custom skin!

4. Copy the links
- Type your Minecraft PC usernames in the search field
- Copy the skin and cape addresses
- Open it on the browser, or copy it for later use

This app is not affiliated with Mojang Studios, the creator of Minecraft.
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