Hand in hand, start a non-lonely adventure in the Land of the Sky.


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Nov 10, 2023
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Sky Fantasy GAME

Set off for the secret land of the sky. Hand in hand with many partners Start a non-lonely adventure in the land of the sky.

[Game Highlights]

- Pets Mount animals with a variety of styles.
set off in the land of the sky Pair with pets and mounts of various styles.
Snake God - Mighty Maya Nami's sweet voice A deer in the form of a deer with the head of a deer ... goes to war with her pet. fight against enemies
Riding elephants, Manta chickens, motorcycles, phoenix machines, and many more riding animals. Travel in the land of the sky freely.

- A warrior woman gives encouragement.
Idol · Ying Ying Maid · Liu Li Oiran Kaguya....
Talk to her like a friend Know the story of Ms. help her choose a dress invite her to dance
This adventure definitely won't be alone.

- Transforms during battle
Transform into a hero spirit to gain special attributes.
Loki holding a deception spear
Hercules holding a prototype bear reload.
Venus holds sea demons.
Arthur holds the sword of victory.
Fight at once 4 people with 4 weapons Create power that no one can compete with.

- Play in many formats
daily activities time counting activities held every day
Beat Boos PvP, team race, guild race, race in the server across the server to choose from in many forms.
Every day, you can practice free 3 times. get many items

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