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Slingshot Man: Shooting range


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Slingshot Man: Shooting range game

Best, excellent slingshot and shooting game ever

Shoot targets with the slingshot, destroy huge buildings and prove your marksmanship!

Slingshot Man isn't the kind of game where you have to be careful or worry about wrecking something! No, just the opposite! You HAVE to smash everything because the whole point is to shoot from a huge slingshot and destroy all you see in front of you! Buildings, fences, towers, walls... It's all got to go! Don't leave anything behind! Shoot for the max number of points to get the best reward and be the slingshot master! Prove to the world that no one can shoot better than you!

- Beautiful 3D graphics
- Wacky physics
- Easy controls
- Lots of levels with varying difficulty
- Intuitive interface

Slingshot Man is packed with all kinds of fun and... destruction, of course! You won't be bored for a second! Install for free now and start reigning chaos!


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