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The idea of designing a small garden to beautify your home.

The garden or yard of the house may be one of the favorite spots in your home to relax for a while from the daily activities. But unfortunately not all dwellings have large yards. To keep beautifying the corner of your house, for those of you who like gardening but don't have a large area, this mini garden or mini garden planting technique is perfect for you. The mini garden is a small garden that is made in a pot by combining small-sized elements but does not lose its artistic element.

Park is the lung of our home. Not only acts as a pollution-free air source, the park also has a role in beautifying the appearance of the house. With the existence of a park, a simple house can be seen as a star hotel.

If you live in a densely populated settlement or in an apartment, you don't need to despair because you don't have an adequate area for your dream garden. The benefits of the park can still be obtained, regardless of the size or size of the land. A narrow angle can be processed to produce freshness. How to? Some of the following ideas might inspire you.

The advantages of this mini park are that it can be moved, it is also easier to maintain (because it is small in terms of quantity), and can be used as an indoor garden in our homes. But precision and perseverance remain the main keys to the success of this park, people who are unable to work with something detailed will not be able to take care of, let alone make this mini garden.

What's more, the material used can also be from used pots that have been broken or pots that are still new, but it is better than just a used pot so it saves money and does not bother to cut the pot. In addition to decorating the room to make it look more beautiful, the mini garden is also able to develop children's imagination because of its shape like large gardens, and can also train children to love caring for and loving plants.

The proliferation of small apartments, apartments and small houses in big cities shows how difficult it is to find land for landscaping in urban areas at this time. But awareness of the importance of plants as a provider of fresh air is increasing along with the increasing awareness of environmental sustainability which is characterized by the rise of a go green lifestyle.

Park as one of the elements of decorating the beauty of a home can be presented by planting a variety of plants in one container to deal with the difficulty of land in urban areas. Mini garden in pot or what is also called dish plant or dish garden is a small garden that is made in a pot by combining elements that are also small in size but do not lose their artistic elements.