Smart App Lock Chocolate Theme APK

App locker decorated with chocolate will make your data on the phone safe

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UpdatedJan 25, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperSupero App Lock
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★ Sweet dessert that is made out of cocoa is favorite to many people around the world, and you probably love it too! No matter what kind you are having, dark, white or milk you are always enjoying! It is really fantastic that you can decorate your new app protector tool with bars of chocolate that are going to make your mouth water. All your personal content will be secured and safe and you will be enjoying when unlocking your stuff with a pattern or password. Hurry up to download for free the popular ∞Smart App Lock Chocolate Theme∞ app and make sure that your privacy on the smartphone is highly protected.

Best features of the Smart App Lock Chocolate Theme:
☀ Secure pattern or password to protect your apps
☀ Magnificent backgrounds for embellishing your app locker
☀ Interesting shapes for pattern
☀ Chance to activate vibration and animation

★ Do you eat only ice cream and cupcakes that are made entirely of chocolate? You adore the flavor and like how this sweet treat is melting in your mouth. Once you install the latest ∞Smart App Lock Chocolate Theme∞ and embellish it with yummy backgrounds you will wish to taste one bar of it right this second. If you wish to be secure that nobody will breach your privacy, then you can use this cool locker and have a pattern or password that will lock the content that you wish to hide from others. There might be a chance that you will forget the passcode you have set, but there is no reason to worry about this since there is a recovery code that you will be able to use and correct everything. When you obtain the newest ∞Smart App Lock Chocolate Theme∞ nobody will be able to open anything without your permission.

★ Have you been searching for the safe app protector tool that is going to give you a hand with securing the best protection of your personal content on the phone? You are really bothered when your nosy friend is snooping through your personal photographs and don't like when he or she starts reading your messages without your permission. As soon as you obtain the popular ∞Smart App Lock Chocolate Theme∞ you will have the chance to customize the look of this top locker. Take your pick and find the background you like best. It can be the one with two pieces of chocolate that seem to be melting. Your mouth will immediately water. Another one that has white pieces of chocolate seems so tasty and you will get the urge to try it right now. Melted hot chocolate is perfect for winter, and if you like having this delicious beverage then you will definitely choose this background. Make your top app protector tool look yummy.

★ If you would like to protect your child and prevent him or her to go online or uninstall certain applications that are important for your work, then you could select from the list the ones you would like to guard. The latest ∞Smart App Lock Chocolate Theme∞ offers you a chance to set your phone or tablet to vibrate whenever you are entering a pattern or password. The best of all is that you will have the opportunity to customize the look of shapes that will be visible when using a pattern. Take your pick between a white and milk piece of chocolate. There is a flower shaped one, so you might want to choose that one. Different types of animations are at your disposal, so choose the one you like most. When you acquire the popular ∞Smart App Lock Chocolate Theme∞ you will bring the maximum of security on your tablet! Can you believe that this cool application is one hundred percent free of charge!

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