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Aug 16, 2019

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Smart Calculator – Take Photo to Solve Math APP

Smart Calculator is a FREE calculator app which contains basic calculator, scientific calculator, equation calculator and BMI calculator. You can scan the math problems and get answers at once when you’re doing math homework. Smart calculator will assist you with all the math problems.

Our install volume has already reach 5,000,000+! DOWNLOAD it and try this smart function now!

Scan Math Problems
Take photo to solve math problems and get solutions at once.
Basic Calculator
Easy-to use calculator with percentage.
Problem Checker
Check and correct the wrong answers in your homework.
Multi-line Solver
Solve Multi-line math problems on paper at one time.
Scientific Calculator
Multifunctional scientific calculator.
Equation Calculator
Solve difficult equations.
Simple Interface
Simple but beautiful design.
BMI Calculator
Calculate your health condition easily.
Calculation history
Check, copy and reuse your calculation history.

Scan Math Problems
“Scan Math Problems” is the most creative function of this calculator. Unlike the old calculator, you don’t need to input all the exercises one by one but take a picture and then you can get the solutions at once.

Multi-line Solver & Problem Checker
Now we support to solve multiple math problems at one time. What's more, when you finish your math homework, you can use our Problem Checker function to check your answers to see if it's correct or not.

Basic Calculator
The basic calculator in this app contains add up, subtraction, multiplication and division. What’s more, it includes the percentage calculation and brackets. It’s simple designed but has complete function.

Scientific Calculator
Slide up from the bottom of the keyboard and the scientific calculator will be shown. This all-in-one scientific calculator contains all the scientific calculations. You can do trigonometric calculation, anti-trigonometric calculation, power calculation, logarithmic calculation, square root calculation, cube root calculation, factorial calculation, π calculation and so on.

Equation Calculator
Are you annoying by the complex equation homework? Are you still doing it by hand? Please forget this old method now. With smart calculator, you just need to enter the formula and the equation calculator will give you answers automatically.

Simple Interface
We insist that the simple is the best, especially for calculator. It’s simple but it still keep all the beauty factors. You’ll enjoy doing calculations with our calculator.

Calculation history
Slide down from the top of the keyboard and your calculation history will be shown. It shows all the calculation you done before so that you can copy, delete or reuse them.

With Basic Calculator & Scientific Calculator, you can do simple math problems.
With Scan Math Problems function & Equation Calculator, you can do math problems simply.
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