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UpdatedFeb 13, 2018 (2 years ago)
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'Smart Display - LED Scroller' helps you to run full screen displays on you Android Phone. Out of the many usages, Here are few:

>> Show as Display Sign to get your TAXI/ UBER
>> Display When you want to communicate a STOP sign, particularly at night
>> Your OLD Phone can be used as an LED Scroller at your shop
>> In a Foot Ball Game
>> Show a friend, in which seat you are in at a Movie Theatre
>> Usage is unlimited .. Have Fun!

Irrespective of your Phone brightness, this app will display your messages in full brightness, so that the message is clearly visible. And automatically goes back to the previous brightness level, when you exit the full screen display.

Scroll --
Control the speed of scroll , Control the orientation of the scroll ( Left, Right, Up and Down), Increase / Decrease the speed of the scroll

You can make the message blink and can Control the speed of Blink

Change Color--
You can change the color of the text and background to suit the message

Font Size--
You can increase or decrease the font size of your message

Native language--
You can use the native language, if the same is available in your phone

More features--
We will be adding more features in future updates

Email: viawebindia@gmail.com

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