Install the Companion app on your kid’s phone to get VZ Smart Family features.


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Nov 8, 2023

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Smart Family Companion APP

Get to know the digital-you and partner with your parents with Verizon Smart Family. The Companion (or Child) app lets you see how much you use different websites and apps and with Premium, you can ask your parents to pick you up, send them check-ins, and find family members on a map.

Download our Companion (Child) app to your smartphone or your Android connected tablet and pair it with the Parent app to:
• Learn about how you use your screen time.

Select Premium to unlock map features:
• Check in
• Pick me up
• Find your family members


Once the child’s iPhone or Android device is paired via the Verizon Smart Family companion app, the parent app can configure parental controls (iPads aren’t currently supported). If enrolled in Smart Family Premium, the parent app can also monitor location and driving history – for either a driver or a passenger.

What’s New:
• Simple, easy to use interface.

This app uses Accessibility services to support parental control features. Accessibility services are used to block children's access to websites prohibited by parents and to prevent children from disabling other parental control features.
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