Your mind at ease with Smart School Bus™ when your child is at school!

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As a parent, safety is a principal concern. Imagine you can keep track of your child’s safety while on the school bus, or arriving to his destination (the school), or entering the school with the rest of the kids, and coming back home on time. Well, guess what? You don’t have to just imagine it because with Smart School Bus™ Solution you actually can keep get it.

So, what is Smart School Bus™ Solution exactly?
The Smart School Bus™ Solution is an automated system monitored by an Operational Control Centre (OCC) that allows the movement and location of school children to be monitored during transportation to and from their school, anytime, anywhere.

Smart School bus™ Solution offers so many features:
1. Automated system monitored by an Operational Control Centre (OCC).
2. Real Time Streaming of the Video and Voice about the activities in the School bus.
3. Auto Alerts; Parents can monitor the movement of their child.
-Bus arrived at collection point (e.g. house or apartment)
-Child entered the bus and is on the way to school
-Child disembarked at the school
-Child entered the bus and is on the way home
-Child has arrived home
4. Bus Logs:
-Audible alert on the bus
-Communication directly to Control Centre
5. Fleet Management solution:
-Bus Speed.
-Inside Bus Activity.
-Route Management
-Driver recognition
-Service Schedule
-Activity Reports

Smart School Bus™ Solution gives you the peace of mind during your child trip from and to school, it also:
1. Ensures safety and security for the students during the trip from house to school and vice versa.
2. Parents have the option access the solution and monitor the movement of their children.
3. SMS/Email/Mobile App alerts will be sent to the parents whenever is needed;
-Series of electronic alerts customized for each child individually, depending on the location point of your child.
-An SMS will be sent informing the parent, that the bus is close to pick up or to drop the child. By this way each child is not left alone on the street waiting the bus or the maid.
-Also an SMS will be sent to the parents in case the school bus is delayed e.g. stuck in traffic.

What's New

+ Restriction with Forced Logout from multiple device login
+ Student Bus Pre-Arrival Alerts incorporated

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Smart School Bus 1.6

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