Smart Teleprompter is a simple to use teleprompter app with Cast capabilities.

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Version1.1.0 (5)
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Smart Teleprompter is a simple to use teleprompter app with powerful features. Import a speech
or create one in the app. Cast the app to a Google Cast device turning it into an actual teleprompter.
Use it to practice your speech, or sound like a pro on stage or in front of the camera.

Intended User
● Business Professionals
● Public/Motivational Speakers
● Educators
● Students
● Performers
● News Telecasters

● Create Speeches
● Customizable Speech Screens
● Adjustable Auto Scroll
● Cast to turn any Google Cast device to make it act as a teleprompter
● Thesaurus search
● Import from Google Drive (Currently on support for plain/text files)
● Integrate with Cloud Storages(Future release)

What's New

Includes changes to the teleprompter, instead of scrolling the highlighting area it will now stay centered and the text will scroll behind it. More like a real teleprompter.

Improved imports: Import a file from your device as well as any other cloud storage service whose app you have installed. Supported file types include plain text and newly added Word documents (.doc/.docx).

Fixed a couple of bugs from the review comments.

Latest Version

Smart Teleprompter 1.1.0

Updated: 2018-10-28 (1 year ago)

1.1.0 (5) 2018-10-31
1.0.3 (4) 2017-06-11