Very smart app, to make a smart phone device behave smarter!



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Very smart app, to make a smart phone device behave smarter!

By using SmartZones, you can define your alert zones where device should act intelligently.

For example:

• When you’re leaving from office or home, your device should power off your WiFi or vice versa when you’re entering into these zones. The smarter way to save energy!
• If you’re entering into a meeting place, auditorium or Mosque, your phone should be silent. The smarter way!
• Send message to someone on entering or leaving a zone
• You can set behavior of many other settings of your phone, based on your zones

You can create zones either by using your current location or choose from map. You can customize different behavior of your device to work smarter.

It’s fun making your device smart.

Happy Smart Zoning!!!

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