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Make your kids smarter with speed of calculating - Additon,Substraction,Division

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SmartLearn Mathematics - Smarter way of learning.

Preschoolers, kindergarteners and toddlers are always eager to learn new things. Make your kids smart by making them learn through smart learn mathematics app. As said, it’s never too early to start your child’s education.
Smart Learn - Mathematics is a free math learning game application for kids. This app is designed to help preschoolers, kindergarteners and toddlers learn numbers and simple math problems in form of a game. It’s like learning in a fulfilled way. The smart learn –mathematics app will help sharpen the math skills. The kids will learn to identify numbers and solve basic puzzles on addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
As parents, it will be a treat for you to see your child learn and grow by himself/herself.
Additions: Simple puzzle game where kids will learn how to add numbers.
Subtraction: Simple puzzle game where kids will learn how to substract numbers.
Multiplication: Simple puzzle game where kids will learn how to multiply numbers.
Division: Simple puzzle game where kids will learn how to divide numbers.
Arithmetic: Simple puzzle game where there will be mixed problems from above four categories that is addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
There are various levels such as simple, medium and advance in each of the above listed category. The level of difficulty increases as the child passes and moves up each level.
Learning in a fun way through playing games and solving puzzles, will arouse the interest of the children to play more and better recall the information. This will give the kids a huge boost to grow and sharpen their skills.
Smart Learn – Mathematics is a perfect way of introducing your child to the world of numbers and math. We have constructed the app in a way that gives your child a perfect foundation of mathematic for his/her lifetime.

We will be glad to improve on the suggestions and feedback provided by you. If you like this app please recommended it to your family and friends. Write your feedback to us at
Application Disclaimer:
The application is well designed with children user-friendly interface.
The content presented to you in “Smart Learn –Mathematics” is available free on public domains. Although there are a few ads in this application.
We don't claim right on any file in this application. All the content provided in this application is taken from images available on Google and we just recommend it to you. All rights reserved to the content's respective owners.
This application is exclusively designed for the toddlers and preschoolers and their parents. Although all ages groups can use this application.

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