Smell Detector: prank APK

Smell scanner is simple app that let you detect if objects smell bad or not!

Version1.0 (2)
UpdatedNov 21, 2015 (5 years ago)
DeveloperProcess Control
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The Smell Detector is a perfect way of pulling a prank on your friends. Our smell scanner is very simple application that let you detect whether particular objects/people are smelling bad or not.
You will accomplish it by obeying below witty rules:
- zoom the mobile to the object you want to measure the level of ”stench”
- the level of smell will be presented on a scale by changeable indicator. You can stop it by pressing Hold button – then you obtain a result that will show the level of smell, e.g. your friend bum.
- additionaly to boost the effect of app –it is a signal sound that increase its frequency by the growth of „repulsive” smeell
- in order to increase the level of smell turn your mobile phone into vertical position
- each change of the angle of a mobile phone position trigger the increase of the level of smell ratef
- the horizontal position is the minimum level of smell

Check out if the objects stink or are smelling well.

Smell detector is a funny apps that will give you a chance to play jokes everywhere in any time. This smell sensor app will improve the mood of anyone who uses it.

Email: machulakp@gmail.com

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