Built for students to track markets, News with fundamental & technical analysis.

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Does the stock Market trading with fundamental and technical analysis unnerve you? Are you caught in the maze of different investing techniques?
SMI APP, a first of its kind app paves the way for a more comfortable, insightful and faster stock market trading. This stock market app is designed for people across all domains. This wonderfully simplifies the access to market information and intelligence. Analysing the market and trading is a smooth sailing with the complex processes simplified with thIs
Let us get introduced to SMI APP:
What makes this SMI APP user friendly is that this tool that is created to provide you accurate analytics and insights on the health of your stocks.
The stock market trading which is about riding high on gains and not feeling low with the losses. Here profits and losses are to be taken in our stride as it is all a part of the game. But keeping yourself abreast of the latest news and updates .So you need a platform that serves you with relevant market data in real time.SMI APP comes with the facility to get personalized notifications that alert you of scheduled events or turbulence to be in charge of your investments.
This app for online trading was developed with a vision to help a novice to effectively navigate the choppy stock market. It is equally beneficial for seasoned investors to grow their money.

Features that Win the day:

1.Student-friendly app:
College students can be one of the best investors as they are constantly exploring new paths and learning from their mistakes. While they start thinking about embarking on their investment journey, the awareness about stock market techniques and right knowledge about stock market techniques becomes essential. This app is beneficial for students as it can help them in live tracking of the markets. This helps the students to know the tricks of the trade along with knowledge about summary of the daily market.
2. To make you analytical savvy:
Fundamental analysis is the bedrock of good Investments. The knowledge about this will help you to predict the future price movements of the securities & also about the financial health of a company. This app is a valuable asset of the investors as it gives news and reports with regard to fundamental and technical analysis
3. From practicing to getting thoroughly Practical:
This SMI APP can be used for virtual trading account by the beginners for confidence building as they are new to the game. Later, the investors can have the option of having a real DMAT Account.

4. Getting Hands on information:
Through its unique chatbox feature, this app helps you in getting all the current stock information and complete some transactions if you want. It helps you to stay on top of trends with the latest information.
5. Take pulse of your stock health:
This app comes with the facility to track real time market movements just by setting the parameters and the companies that you want to know.

4. Data Security:
If the possibility of your data being leaked is your concern, then you can relax as this app comes with the data security and does not share any of your information

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