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Smilin - Daily Positivity and Uplift your mood APK

Help you focus on positive side of life, brighten your day and Uplift your mood

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UpdatedDec 02, 2020 (5 months ago)
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In times when the world can be a negative place, Smilin provides you with Daily dose of positive content to brighten your day with the help of good news, positive quotes, motivation quotes, Cute videos of pets, kids, wholesome memes and videos. We can ensure that You will never find yourself unhappy after opening this app and you will leave the app you will find yourself Smilin.

I originally made this app for my friend who was struggling with negativity in his life. He liked this app so much that I decided to release the app for everyone.

The goal of this app is to make you smile, uplift your mood, and brighten your day. Even for 5 seconds if we are able to bring happiness to your day our goal is achieved.

We like to give you a daily dose of positive and wholesome content from All over the internet for you to see the positive side of this world. We provide you with motivation quotes, positive quotes, quotes of the day.

We also post daily Self- help articles from all over the internet for you to read at a single place. Self-help articles can really help improve the quality of life and motivate people to be a better version of themselves. Articles like "How to sleep well" or "How not to procrastinate" by biggest authors are handpicked for you to read. Self-help articles also increase your emotional intelligence which a lot of people ignore. Emotional intelligence is as important as your IQ for living a better life.

We recommend you use this app daily in the morning to start your day on a positive note. Positivity and positive affirmations can really help anyone to have a great day and look at things from a more optimistic viewpoint. When start of the day is filled with positivity and good news and cute pick me up videos your thinking is going to be more positive.

Positive thinking is a proven way for better health. And when you think positive more positive things tend to happen to you. Daily motivation and Daily inspiration can go a long way in improving the overall mindset.

We also have a way for you to talk to us about your mental health, problems, etc. Just click on the mental health tab on the menu. And we will reply as fast as we can.

Some benefits of Smilin are:-
• Positive and wholesome posts from all over the internet.
• motivation quotes and positive quotes, quote of the day.
• Increases Emotional intelligence
• New SElf and motivational articles Everyday
• Positive affirmations and daily quote
• Help in positive thinking and positive mindset
• Uplift your mood
• Daily motivation, daily inspiration, daily affirmations
• Daily motivational quotes, daily positive quotes, and everyday quotes
• Daily encouragement
• Discuss Mental health issues
• Architecture pictures
• Wholesome memes
• Humans being bros videos
• Good News

Happy Smilin

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