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Aug 14, 2022

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SMS-Activate Virtual numbers APP receiving SMS messages to virtual numbers for verification accounts on various services.

What does the SMS-Activate app give you?

• PRIVACY. We all know what happens if you specify your personal mobile phone everywhere. Calls, SMS mailings with offers of loans, dentists and other amenities that, in addition to irritation, do not bring anything begin to pour in. How to avoid this? When registering, specify the virtual number purchased from us in the app, and you will never be bothered with annoying offers and SMS spam.

• SAVINGS. Have you ever encountered a situation where there is a promo code with a nice discount or bonuses, but you can only use it once? Now this is not a problem. Purchase a virtual number, register another account, and use the “one-time” promo code again. Where applicable: Taxi aggregators, delivery services, marketplaces, and more😉

• EARNINGS. Maybe you are engaged in SMM, targeting, context, and other activities on the network? Do you have a constant need for account registrations, and do you need a phone number for them? No need to run for a number in the mobile phone shop every time! Just purchase numbers from us in the app! Both for a short period of time – ACTIVATION, and for a long period of time – RENT.

We offer numbers of two variants:

ACTIVATION. Within 20 minutes, you can receive an unlimited number of SMS messages for your chosen service. Therefore, this direction is very popular for those who have registered an account, used it and are not afraid of losing it. Ideal for promo codes and bonuses. You only pay for the message, if the number did not receive the message, the money is returned to the balance.

RENT. It will be useful for those who want to be sure that they will always be able to access the created account for a long period of time. You can receive an SMS at any time of the lease, which in turn allows you to restore access to your account. The number is available for a long term UP to 12 weeks. If you do not receive a text message with the code within the first 20 minutes, you can cancel the number, and the money will be returned to your account in full. If you have not received a text message and more than 20 minutes have passed, you will not be able to cancel the rental. The number sold for rent will not be resold for the corresponding service at the end of the rental period.
We do not use manual labor, receiving SMS to virtual numbers is fully automated, so the cost of our services is minimal, and the speed of receiving SMS is maximum.

There are numbers of 180+ countries, new ones are constantly being added, the most different and exotic.

We have been working since 2015.
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