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Sniper Bird Hunting Jungle Shoot :Bird Hunter 2018 APK

Dark forest full of wild exotic animals and modern jungle bird shooting arena

Version1.1 (1)
UpdatedOct 24, 2017 (4 years ago)
DeveloperSaga Games Inc
CategoryGames, Adventure

Shoot Jungle exotic wild birds to save the nearest farmer’s crops and fruits. Scarecrow and other methods have not been enough to scare birds off attacking the crops. Jeep driving 4x4 to hunt forest taloor and Brazilian Blue macaw bird with sniper hunting gun. Clean up the gun barrels and load with hunting bullets to accomplish the most number of bird hits in this season of bird hunting. Duck sniper hunting quest combines with crow killing and shooting down the goose. Vulture, sparrow and black crow have created enough nuisance for farmers to bug him off. Irritated farmers and forest departments wants a clean jungle filled with the fresh air and peaceful quite jungle. No action adventure is expected in the jungles. Break the silence of the jungle with a gunfire. Hunters in African Bird hunting teams are sniper hunting shooting experts. Eagle catches birds for hunters. Island full of prey unknown to the incoming bullets. Sniper ultimate shooting airport hunter is also exception prey chaser on horse. Flying duck picking up food from crops is jaw dropping. Lightning and thunder has failed to scare the stubborn rotten birds. Amazon jungles are full of exotic animals like cheetah and other animals to hunt.
Sniper Bird Hunting Jungle Shoot features:
• Superiorly detailed jungle environment and terrain which is far away from generic jungle environment
• Multiple locations which include the jungles, lakesides and city atmospheres to shoot birds
• Intelligent coin system for scoring and keeping it real for the hunting games lovers.
• Know you hunting skills performance and excellency with the coins earned over the time
• Use map for the perfect bird hunting jungle shoot locations’ understanding & precise killing
• Double zoom to look more closely at target & know their pattern of motion to avoid getting shot
• Jungle bird hunting under pressure includes hitting all the birds before the limited time ends
• Bag the wildest bird for more coin points.
• Multiple shoot sniper gun of different shooting caliper can be attained from the store & shop
• Stunning bird flying animations with realistic reflections in the water down
• Hills and lakes surrounded by the dense African jungles and safari national parks.
• Unique shooting game with infinite bullets to make the hunting job sure.
Excellent jungle hunting map with radar pointing the bird’s position. Sharp shooter aims through dense African dark jungles to earn twenty coins for each time taking down a bird. Wild Jungles are your shooting arena, hone your elite commando sharp shooter skills with each hit. Champion shoot hunting quest is wild adventure mainly consists of small shooting endeavors around the vast jungle. Animal attacks from lions, wolves and cheetahs are a big risk as well while operating this hunting. Ultimate hunting game experience is about setting camouflage and traps to take the birds to the shooting range. Sit back and aim with the breath took in, shoot against the wind direction and weather conditions. Safari dino eruption is devastating and full of destruction for the jungle. Big dragon hunter sniper have giant targets and impossible to kill wild enemies. Dinosaurs hunting with archery skills is impossible to none hunting task.


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