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May 27, 2024
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SNK: Fighting Masters GAME

"SNK Fighting Generation" is officially authorized by SNK. It is a 3D mobile game that brings together many of SNK's popular IP characters. Classic characters gather across time and space, strategically combine the lineup, even blue cards can also counterattack SSR cards! Youth is rekindled, unlimited kills, reach the million milestone to send Chizuru Kagura!
【Youth is renewed, Passion is rekindled】
A younger 3D rendering art style, high-looking classics reproduce familiar and popular fighters such as Mai Shiranui, Nakoruru, and Ukyo Tachibana. In this fighting city, you will become a fighter agent and form your own fighter dream team. Childhood idols such as Iori Yagami, Kusanagi Kyo, and Haohmaru will all be at your disposal!
【Infinite kills, Exciting battles】
SNK's multi-series IP characters gather together across time and space for the first time, and fight with unlimited combos and sure kills! Put it on AFK and fight easily. You no longer need to use the ultimate moves of the fighters in your childhood memories!
【Blue card counterattack, Cross-level challenge】
Inherit development resources rapidly, no need to develop characters from scratch! Hundreds of fighters each have their own strengths, and there are tens of millions of strategic combinations to match the lineup. The blue R card can also cross levels to counterattack the orange card SSR!
【Pixel Street, casual and fun】
Fighting City only has fighters fighting against each other? of course not! Classic retro pixel style, gym management, food production, daily divination, daily adventures and other leisure games are gathered in Yiban Street! Here, you can not only develop your gym until it is the strongest, but you can also study cooking and become a master chef!
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