Fall asleep to Snoozle's scary Halloween Lullabies - if you can!

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Welcome to Snoozle, the app that helps you feel great every morning, from the moment you wake up!

If you’re new to the Snoozle world, here’s how we do it:

1. Snoozle's connected alarm clock means you & your friends can wake up to voice messages (‘Snoozle Micropodcasts') from each other, and/ or new music from brilliant up-and-coming musicians. You control the time of your own alarm, but instead of a pre-set alarm tone, you wake up to a personalised feed of micropodcasts! Plus, they’re different every day, so you'll never get bored of your morning wake up.

But feeling great in the morning also starts the night before - with a quality night’s sleep:

2. Fall asleep faster with Snoozle’s suite of soothing Lullabies - Sleep Music, Sleep Sounds & Chakra Meditations.

3. We know how comforting it can be to have your smart phone by your bed overnight, but we all know the importance of resisting the temptation to check it whilst we focus on getting the sleep our bodies & minds need. If you use Snoozle as a bedside clock, it lets you track your overnight Digital Switch Off & compare your progress in friendly Leagues with friends. Loads more to come on this feature in the near future!

Like other social platforms, Snoozle has a very quick sign up form, and asks you for the following permissions to give you the best possible experience:
- Notifications: so you can choose to set an 'Evening reminder’ and so we can let you know when people have followed you/ sent you Snoozles.
- Microphone: so you can create your own micropodcasts for you & your followers to wake up to.
- Photos: so you can upload a profile picture which helps your friends find you, and appears on the screen of your followers whilst your voice is playing as their alarm!

So if you want to feel great when you wake up every morning, start making Snoozle a habit.

We look forward to welcoming you into our growing community!

What's New

Trick or Treat? 5 new scary Halloween Lullabies for you to fall asleep to... if you can!

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