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Charge your phone faster with this Solar battery Charger prank for Android

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This Solar battery Charger free of cost app for Android Mobile phones, and every one can downloads and use freely with no cost.

Solar Battery Charger is prank and funny application. This solar battery charger act like it charging mobile battery from sun rays, but actually it a prank application and just animate like battery charging. The Solar battery Charger uses three different levels of charging, which are as following:

Normal Charging Level
Fast Charging Level
Medium Charging Level

Normal Charging Level:
This level of charging start by default and solar battery charger shows that mobile battery charging at normal level. The Sun rotate in this level and provides rays to the solar for charging the mobile battery.

Fast Charging Level:
This level of charging also start by button “Fast” pressing, and start battery charging at very fast level than normal and medium level.

Medium Charging Level:
This level of charging can’t start by default, and it start on user demand by pressing the button “Medium Level”. In this level the battery charging level is faster than the normal, and the animation moves quickly and it gives a look like a battery charging at medium level.

After starting the application a few minutes later you will see that battery charging is started and its level will start increasing from the default level.

Simply start the app and by default it will start charging at normal speed if you want to charge quickly than choose the others levels of charging.


- Faster : Charge your phone faster with this Solar battery Charger prank for Android Mobile
-Solar charger
- realistic and impressive graphics
- virtual battery power display
- Solar quick charging
- Show a notification when your phone is fully charged
- Wonderful charging theme, useful and friendly
- Use light sensor with solar panel to quick charging your phone

Note: The application is a prank. Please do not place your phone under sunlight to avoid being damaged.

Email: universal.test.2020@gmail.com

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