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1.7 · Sep 14, 2020

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Version1.7 (10)
UpdatedSep 14, 2020
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Solar Panels Optimal Tilt app

Get the optimal tilt angle of your solar panels in any location.

Solar Panels Optimal Tilt gives you the optimal tilt angles for solar panels, based on date for any desired location. Make your photovoltaic system generate the maximum electricity.

Photovoltaic panels are the main component in a PV system. They are responsible for capturing solar energy and transforming it into electrical energy. The solar panels must have the optimal tilt angle for generate maximum electricity.

The app has an inclinometer that will allow us to use our Android device to measure and adjust the angle of inclination of a solar panel simply by placing the device on the solar panel and adjusting the panel until it is positioned at the optimal angle of inclination provided by Solar Optimal Tilt Panels.

In the same way, photovoltaic systems are arranged along the North-South axis (Azimuth = 0º) to ensure their maximum production.
For this reason, Solar Panels Optimal Tilt has a compass to know and adjust the optimal azimuth.

Make sure your photovoltaic system generates the maximum electricity!!


- Optimal Tilt angle for any desired date and latitude.
- Optimal solar panels daily tilt angle
- Optimal solar panels monthly tilt angle
- Optimal season tilt angle (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
- Optimal azimut
- Inclinometer
- Compass


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