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Solitaire collection: 140 card games

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Latest Version

NameSolitaire Games APK
Version2.31.04.14 (2310414)
UpdatedAug 25, 2021
CategoryGames, Card

Solitaire collection: 140 card games game

Solitaire card games: Canfield, Yukon, Freecell, Tripeaks, Algerian, Vegas

140 card games. All solitaire games in one pack. Try this solitaire card games.
♣ A large set of card games without Internet. All solitaire games in English
♣ We have card games that you may not see in every collection: Carpet, Monte Carlo, Yukon, FreeCell, Australian Solitaire, Algerian Solitaire, Alternation, Desire, Scorpio, Forty Thieves
♣ We also have the familiar and beloved solitaire games: Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, Three Peaks, Canfield
♣ And many more games. We have more than 140 pieces of them in one collection

Game features:
Over 140 solitaire games. In each update, 3-4 new solitaire games are added
Simple and intuitive interface. The interface is optimized for different screens.
Vertical and horizontal screen orientation. You will find it more comfortable to play some games in horizontal orientation and other games in vertical orientation. Try it yourself!
Layout for right and left hands. Customize this option in the menu as you wish
Different decks. Choose the deck that you like. There is also a selection of card backs and backgrounds
Detailed rules. All the rules are briefly and clearly described for each solitaire game. There is a video instruction for many solitaire games
Detailed statistics. After the game, you get detailed results: percentage of wins, number of moves and hints, time spent, overall rating. Old records are also visible, so you can try to break them!
Autocompletion. To save you time, the game will be completed automatically with animation when all moves are already known
Saving history of moves. You can continue the game at any time
Unlimited cancellations. All your moves are saved, you can undo them as many times as you like. You can also replay the game from the beginning with an old deck
Games search. You can easily find solitaire game by name

♠ Cards are moved by clicking, not dragging. To move a map, click on it (it will highlight), then click on the location where you want to move it
♠ To invoke a hint, just swipe left on the screen or press the button in the top menu
♠ To undo a move, swipe right or press the button in the top menu
♠ To show the top bar with buttons, swipe down ANYWHERE on the screen

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