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Solo Brainstorming App is the best mobile brainstorming tool with more than 10 000 downloads. This brainstorm app provide the best and optimized brainstorming activities in simple and intuitive process for doing brainstorming alone in a couple of consecutive steps. If you need to generate product ideas, to solve your daily or business problems or you have ready brainstorming questions you should download and use Solo Brainstorming now.

The pros of solo brainstorming ideas app:

Flexibility - you can have brainstorming session anytime, anywhere, in any way you wish by brainstorm offline or brainstorm online

Social anxiety - you don't have to second guess yourself or worry about what the others think about your creative ideas

Production blocking - you could express all your brain ideas during the session without being blocked by others

Produce more - you could produce a wider range of product ideas

The process of one brainstorming app free sessions is simple and the workflow is intuitive. First you prepare yourself for the session, then you set up the main parameters of your idea - brainstorming questions, length and etc., chose a set of associations or brainstorm notes and then you start to capture and collect creative ideas in the app. The final step is to analyze and evaluate the results.

Solo Brainstorming App is:

- The best brainstorming tool for brainstorming alone.
- Totally free brainstorming app which will help you in solving problems, generating product ideas or capturing your project thoughts.
- Easy and intuitive user interface with a perfect conceptual workflow template.
- Smoother and easier process of creative brainstorming.
- Tips which will improve your session.
- You could view statistics or analyze previous brainstorm sessions.
- The length of a session depends on your own as you are the brainstormer.

Thanks for using our brainstorming idea app. We will appreciate every single opinion, suggestion or reporting any issues. You could contact us at anrudev@gmail.com

Follow us as we will be improving.

What's New

Introduce SAVE brainstorming functionality
Implement RESUME previous brainstorming
Totally new look of finished or saved sessions
Fix the problem with main background image
Reorder the upper menu for better user experience
Remove statistics and replace them with View brainstormings
Minor bug fixing and performance optimizations

Email: anrudev@gmail.com

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