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Calculate mass of chemicals, concentration and volume of solution

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UpdatedNov 02, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperAgricola Caronte
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SolCalc is an useful tool for students, chemists, biologists, researchers, scientists, etc. SolCalc is simple to use and allows to calculate the concentrations, volumes, and mass of chemicals of solutions. The graphical structure of SolCalc was maintained essential in order to make its use easy and intuitive. Volume, concentration and mass units will automatically recognized till values in the order of femto (femtoliter, femtomolar, femtogram), values below the order of femto will be reported as scientific notation (e.g. 1e-15).
SolCalc allows: i) to calculate mass, volume, and concentration of solutions; ii) to diluite a stock solution; iii) to calculate initial concentration (Ci), initial volume (Vi), final concentation (Cf) and final volume (Vf) basing on the widely used formula Ci x Vi = Cf x Vf.
Furthermore, SolCalc is a powerful calculator for solution containing biomolecules (protein, DNA, RNA, LNA, PNA etc) and nanoparticles.

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