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Mar 25, 2023

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SOMEI: Gestão para MEI APP


The simplest and easiest app for you who are MEI or self-employed to manage your company. FREE DOWNLOAD 💙

Your business won't evolve if you don't even know how much you earn!

But calm down, Somei is your best friend and will help you take off. You will master your money, manage your sales, take care of your customers and control your inventory. Make your everyday life easier with the most practical, uncomplicated and free app made for you who are MEI or self-employed!

What we have already added together:

More than 50,000 MEIs and self-employed already know how much they earn every month
+ 250,000 Customers well served by our Adders
320,000+ product inventories automatically controlled
+ 2,700,000 Sales and orders organized on a daily basis

Is that you? Will you pass up this opportunity to evolve your business without paying anything for it?

🏆 Master your money: know how much you've earned, how much you've made and how much they owe you in the month, week, day or period you want. Without having to make any accounts.

🏆 Manage your sales: see how many sales you've made, how many orders you've received, and the best day and time to sell more. All automatic, no headache.

🏆 Take an account of your customers: manage their balance, find out who buys the most and even send digital quotes and receipts via WhatsApp and other social networks. No need to turn in two.

🏆 Control your stock: feed your stock and whenever you sell Somei from the automatic write-off on your products or materials. You can separate everything by category and no longer miss the sale because Somei shows you when your stock is running low.

Is SOMEI for MEIs and freelancers with little application experience?
✅ Don't worry. The application was made to be easy and practical, to be fun to use. You will learn quickly.

Will I get help using SOMEI?
✅ Our help center has articles and videos teaching each step. It is also possible to be attended by our virtual assistant and our support team, through the app.

Is this app heavy? Will my phone be slow?
✅ You don't need a state-of-the-art cell phone to use Somei. Our application is light and works on the most diverse cell phones available, without harming the use of other applications.

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