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Songs by Baha Sultan 2021 app

The most beautiful songs of the artist Baha Sultan

Now we offer you this app which contains a bunch of songs by the artist Bahaa Sultan version 2021 without net.
Through this app you can listen to the finest songs of Baha Sultan 2021
Which contain songs in the Egyptian dialect romantic and sad and love songs and feelings and new love songs without net suitable for all tastes
The app contains romantic songs for the new year 2021 by Bahaa Sultan as well as old songs
And all of them are loaded with a formula and these songs are characterized by the songs of Baha Sultan between tarabiya and sad songs and songs of separation and reproach
Baha Sultan's songs are constantly updated where you can listen to the new songs of Baha Sultan as soon as they come down through this app

App features:

Works without internet
Easy to use
You can listen to songs in the background
You can automatically move between songs.
Random transition between songs
Automatic stop when you receive a call

List of songs:

Baha Sultan I wonder
Baha Sultan Old
Baha Sultan swear
Baha Sultan, I'm a designer.
Baha Sultan We heard
Baha Sultan who sold out
Baha Sultan oh Hajarni
Baha Sultan oh son of Adam
Baha Sultan, who is walking
Baha Sultan two days and they promised
Baha Sultan with you
Baha Sultan and Tamer Hosni
Baha Sultan and our money
Baha Sultan and why do you regret it
Baha Sultan, is it you?
Baha Sultan, you will regret it
Baha Sultan we will go where are you and me
Baha Sultan bring me a buyer for torture
Baha Sultan, did I make you upset about something?
Baha Sultan Nasr Mahrous
Baha Sultan I wish to see you
Baha Sultan written on me
Baha Sultan Mayrdesh
Baha Sultan Malik
Baha Sultan 100
Baha Sultan if I mean sold.
Baha Sultan when I miss you
Baha Sultan was in the past
Baha Sultan Told Me
Baha Sultan over the clouds
Baha Sultan in who's law
Baha Sultan preferred to refer him
Baha Sultan in Her Excellency
Baha Sultan in the middle of a difficult life


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