Description: Sound Meter/Noise Detector/Decibel Meter APK

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UpdatedSep 25, 2019 (6 months ago)
Release dateApr 17, 2019 (11 months ago)
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Sound Meter app can easily measure the current level of environmental noise

Sound Meter app/Sound Level Detector finds the volume of sound or noise in the surrounding environment. This Noise Detector or Sound Decibel Meter App measures noise volume in decibels (dB) by using microphone. Sound Meter works efficiently to find the volume/level of the environmental noise including acoustic. You can compare the days when noise /volume is much louder or lower to the previous days in order to feel the difference. It helps you set the right volume, neither too loud and nor too low. You can measure the volume of sound level around you in your residing place through this Sound Defector App/ Noise Measuring App, Sound Pressure Level Meter.

#Working Procedure: This multi named app, viz, Sound Meter, Decibel Meter, Sound Pressure Level App, Volume Detector App, finds and measures the volume of sound and/or noise in decibels. The user can find the volume/level of the noise pretty much conveniently with the help of this Sound Detector App.

1) Sound Detector
3) Sound Level Detector App
3) Noise Detector App
4) Decibel Meter
5) DB Meter App
6) Sound Meter
7) Noise Detecting App
8) Sound Pressure Level Detector
9) Sound Level Detector
10) Noise Level Detector App.