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People who love to play birds or birds because of birds or birds should have a bird's nest sound birds to avoid the birds. This app has compiled the sound of birds in the form of HD online sound that can be used to connect birds or birds to help birds. Or those who are interested in the nature of birdies. How are you crying In the app there is a bird's voice quivering in HD audio and more than other apps, it can also be used to make bird sounds to make a ringtones as well as the phone with a button to test the ringtone first. If you like it, you can set it.

The overall appearance of the bird is tawny or quail is small, the wings are small. Can not fly In the near future, such as flying up trees. So the same trick on the ground. The color of the hairs along the body is different colors to lurk around the environment. The female is bigger than the male, the color is brighter and the courtship. While the male acts to hatch and raise the baby. Eggs take about 12-13 days to hatch. The baby takes about 2 weeks to be able to live outside the nest. There are 16 species around the world. Distribution in Asia, Africa and Australia divided into 2 types (see in the table). There are 3 species of Turnix sylvatica, T. tanki and T. suscitator.

# Bring the sound of birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds.
# Birds can be tethered even when the screen is off or on. Very easy to use.
# Able to set the sound of the bird's favorite to the sound is waiting to call it.

Load test The birds are good for sure.

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