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SoundSwipe: The No-Eyes game APK

Test your ears by deflecting virtual objects which you cannot see but only hear.

Tired of using your eyes for everything?
SoundSwipe is a game which uses your sense of hearing instead of your vision to play.
Swipe away virtual objects which are flying towards you. However, you cannot see the object but only hear it.
Use your ears to figure out where the object is and swipe to deflect it just before it passes you.

Key Features:
• Rest your eyes - The SoundSwipe User Interface is completely based on Swipe Gestures. Plug in your headset, close your eyes and dive into the game without even needing to open your eyes to perform an action.
• Speech Dictation - Every message which is shown on the screen including instructions, actions and scores is also dictated to the user to provide an immersive and uninterrupted experience.
• Challenge your hearing - The game is definitely not easy for everybody. Detect which direction (left or right) the object is coming from using only it's sound and deflect it. Think you are up for it?
• Achievements - Feel Rewarded! Earn Achievements for reaching various checkpoints from taking your first steps into the game to finding The Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything.

How to Play?
1) Plug in your headset (earphones or headphones). Make sure each side is plugged into the right ear and start the app.
2) On the Main Menu, tap the screen to open the game. Tap again to start the game.
3) An audio starts playing. This is the object moving towards you.
4) Just when you feel that the object is about to hit you or when you feel that it is at the center of your head, swipe in the direction where the object is coming from. For example, if you feel the object is moving from right to left, swipe right as if pushing away the object and vice versa.
5) Happy Swiping!

• A pair of earphones or headphones is required to play SoundSwipe.
• SoundSwipe is still under development. As such it may contain bugs and missing features. These will be fixed and added over time.


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