Space Blobs APK

Put your spacial reasoning and planning to the test in this abstract game.

Version1.0.9 (10)
UpdatedSep 15, 2014 (6 years ago)
DeveloperSimplicial Software, LLC
CategoryGames, Arcade

The year is 4,039,213,741. The sun has exploded sending earth careening through space. Now, intergalactic radioactive space blobs have launched an invasion! You are the world's last line of defense, but is your fate already sealed?

Clear all of the blobs from the surface of the planet before it's overrun. Rotate the planet to position the orbital laser over the blobs to destroy them. Just make sure the laser color matches the blob or the blob will grow even faster. When the blobs overrun the entire surface of the planet the game is over.

• Simple but fun game-play.
• Normal Mode: 40 patterned levels followed by an infinite number of randomly generated levels.
• Survival Mode: If you're looking for a challenge see how you fare in this mode.
• Leader-boards and a variety of achievements are available when signed in.
• High scores let you track your personal bests (no sign in required).
• 100% Free

What's New

1.0.8 - Fix crashes with certain locales.

1.0.7 - Misc. fixes. Updated icon.

1.0.4 - Added visual effects.

1.0.3 - Added support for portrait orientation and orientation changes.

Email: simplicialsoftware@gmail.com

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