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2.3 · Dec 01, 2020

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Version2.3 (15)
UpdatedDec 01, 2020
DeveloperTeam Bunhord
CategoryGames, Casual

Space Odyssey game

¡Equip the rockets, destroy other planets and end the threat

Choose the right rocket to achieve the destruction of the planet in more than 90 levels, with unique planets and defenses of all kinds.

8 rockets available, each with a different destruction and explosion.

Sparklers, turrets, shields and even wormholes will prevent you from destroying the planet.

You are ready for the space odyssey!

• Year 9038. We received a different signal, something we had never seen before. We managed to decipher the strange signal, everything indicates that it is a distress signal.
• Year 9065. We did not receive any strange signal again.
• Year 9123. Two ships have landed in the ocean, our troops were destroyed, a large part of the continent was destroyed, they are intelligent beings, their technology is much more advanced than ours, we managed to capture one ship, but the other escaped taking a large amount of water with it.
• Year 9124. We managed to intercept the signal of the captured ship, we realized that they are the same ones we received 86 years ago.
• Year 9130. We have not been able to deal with them, they will soon be here throughout the water of planet earth. It will be best if we attack first.
• Year 9131 We discovered their location, they are in a system not far away, with the recovered technology we could arrive in a few years.
• Year 9150 We are ready to attack....

It is time to destroy planets and learn about basic concepts of astronomy with Space Odyssey

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