Space Station Construction City Planet Mars Colony APK

Space Station Construction City Planet Mars Colony


Gather all resources, initiate planet mars colonization & build a space station!


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Mar 13, 2021

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Space Station Construction City Planet Mars Colony Game

Join the first ever outer space construction simulator to colonize mars in this space station building games. Play latest Space Station Construction City Planet Mars Colony games to operate advanced machinery for outer space city construction games and make life possible on planet mars. Drive offroad construction truck or heavy excavator simulator and complete space crane operating missions on planet mars simulator. Your survival will depend on the ability to gather resources while outer space exploration and usage of advanced construction machinery for instant space habitat in free simulation games.

As per the Archinaut Development Program, revolutionalization of space colony construction is becoming reality in real construction world. Gathering all the hopes to terraform mars as a space traveler, embark on quest for Interstellar Space Survival Mission on Planet Mars. Enter into new era of outer space city builder games and drive multiple advanced construction machines for 3D printing buildings on space station. Wearing astronaut suit and successfully landing on planet mars colony in your spaceship, your ultimate mission is to develop real construction technologies in galaxies. Starting your mission as a mars explorer, gather resources from martian soil and start constructing outer space station in offroad construction games. Set interstellar space construction HQ on suitable place, start space colonization protocol for instant space habitat in this planet simulator. Initiate your space survival mission and begin sim city builder tasks with heavy excavator simulator 2018, lunar rover and mars rover. Become part of the galactic colonization force to build a space colony and aid the survival mission of mankind in free simulation games.

Engage in space exploration and terraform new worlds in this red planet builder simulator game. Control a fleet of mars rovers and extract various resources from the martian soil to create colony, construct space station and houses for astronauts. Coping with hazardous and unpredictable conditions on the planet mars, start controlling space construction job with heavy duty machinery. Take control of astronauts as they construct outerspace frontier on the planet mars in space construction simulator game. The ultimate space shuttle construction sim that is surely better than spaceship simulator, city bridge builder games or uphill tunnel construction simulator games.

Learn to master heavy duty truck driving on 0.5g along with realistic low gravity planet simulator. Challenge your real driving skills & operate heavy construction machinery in the solar system on planet mars. Drive Mars Survival Rover, Heavy Excavator Simulator 2018, Grapple Crane, Dump Truck, Bulldozer Machine, Lunar Rover and other Heavy Duty Machinery for ultimate space city construction sim 2018.

Space Station Construction City Planet Mars Colony Game Features:
Explore space construction simulator missions on planet mars
Terraform red planet to support human life in our solar system
Advanced spaceship vehicles to drive for space colony construction
Operate Heavy Excavator, Grapple Crane, Dump Truck, Mars Rover
Gravitational controls for space city construction truck driving
Smooth steering control with hydraulic winch & brakes pedal
Realistic 3D graphics and massive mars colony to explore

So here comes Space Station Construction City Planet Mars Colony games, the ultimate truck simulator game in the series of real construction worker games to create civilization on mars.
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